• Move all login and registration-related features to the url scheme. (DONE)
  • Fix problems when Tabbli instance is working without any active Site object. (DONE)
  • Improve instance configuration for support adding new domains.
  • Implement a feature for removing collection views.
  • Change templating engine for sites to Jinja2. (DONE)
  • Implement simple ORM-like API for templates for working with a database. (STARTED)
  • Change the implementation of the record relations to avoid using the ids (should use keys instead). (DONE)
  • Improving support of site controllers. (DONE)
  • Add a mandatory selection of the pricing plan during new instance creation.
  • Add support for hidden by default pricing plans available only for selected groups of users.
  • Email notifications for the Tabbli team in cases of new user creation, etc.
  • Implement feature tags support for instances based on the selected pricing plan. (STARTED)
  • Basic support for reports with Markdown and Jinja2. (+)
  • Basic import/export features for collections. (EXPORT only)
  • Improve interfaces on small screens. (DONE)
  • Improve iOS version and trying to go the whole verification process. Add error screens, checking the subdomain availability, fixing constraints on the start screen, segregating development and production configurations, add Sentry integration, remember last visited subdomains and improve the start screen with selection feature.
  • Start to implement user documentation. (STARTED)
  • Select the support chat solution.
  • Start the community site.
  • Start site with status and crashes reporting (maybe it will be Crisp for chat, documentation and status page).
  • Improve the main site with new content and links to the login and register features.
  • Create social media pages.


  • A lot of security improvements for GDPR compliance. Firewall setup, database encryption, backups encryption (and review its content), files encryption, interfaces for getting concerns, web server logs anonymizing, strongest passwords. Interfaces for removing the account and requesting the data dump.
  • Terms of service and Privacy policy texts.
  • Google Analytics and HotJar integration.
  • Design the user onboarding process.
  • Design a special format for making templates for data structures.
  • Basic white label support.


  • Support for external users. Pages for sites for login, register, etc.
  • Additional fields: Many to many relation, Location.
  • New collection views with setup form: Map, Calendar.
  • Basic public forms support.
  • Data templates gallery.


  • Public API for the database.
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